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Chapter 9: Hungry Like the Wolf

Blood Match
Rating: R
Summary: When Emma is saved from death by the evil and enigmatic vampire Spike the two develop a shaky friendship based on mutual loneliness. Sarcastic and at times awkward the pair discover a desire to be more then just friends. But can love between the Big Bad and a human end with anything but death?
Main Characters: Spike, Emma
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or plot devices. This is a non-profit story.

“Take me to the party, Spike. Pick me up and drive me around Spike. Make out with me and then just promise to be best buddies.” Spike mumbled to himself as he rode his bike to Emma’s dorm. When had he become so whipped? How had this little broken girl… strike that… woman managed to weave herself into his every aspect. How had she made him love her?

            “This is bloody ridiculous,” Great, now he was talking to himself. He shouldn’t be kissing her or taking her places. He should be trying to find some way to get the chip out and then just kill her. Be done with the bint once and for all. But God… that kiss. If he’d known that so much passion lay just underneath her caustic and slightly prudish demeanor he’d have kissed her the moment she came knocking on his door. Spike knew women and the two of them together would be…. well, it would be bloody fantastic. He’d even wanted to bite her for Christ sake! Drinking the blood of your partner in the throws of passion was an extremely intimate thing for a vampire. Dru had only allowed him to do it once, saying she didn’t like the feeling of being dominated. But Spike had loved Drusilla and had wanted to stake his claim. It was his nature. And once again that need to claim the woman he loved had reared its ugly head.  

            Spike parked his bike in the dorm parking lot and got off, avoiding the temptation to vamp out and freak the shit out of a group of loitering college students. No wonder Emma couldn’t find anyone to talk to. The place was filled with idiots.

            Following his nose and what he could remember from the last time he had been at the college Spike made his way through the building to Emma’s door. With his vampire hearing he was able to pick up on the hurried movements and talking coming from inside the room.

            “Are you sure this isn’t too tight?” he heard Emma ask, her voice slightly breathless as if she had been running around.

            “ You look great Em. You’ll have guys all over you!” Annabelle answered in her usual peppy tone.

            “ Great. That’s exactly what I want, a group of drunk over sexed boys practically humping my leg. No thank you” That’s my girl. Spike decided that he’d done enough eavesdropping and rapped his knuckle against the door. The chatter and movement inside stopped immediately.

            “He’s here!” Annabelle whispered furiously

            “For God’s sake Annabelle” Emma replied as she opened the door.

            In the name of all that is evil! The sight that greeted him at the door was nothing that Spike had been expecting. Emma stood in the doorframe with her hair in perfect ringlets and a red peasant dress with a very tight lace up bodice. Even though the skit fell just above her knees it gave off a look of both innocence and seduction that Spike found almost too enticing. The entire costume was completed with a satin red cape draped over her head and shoulders. Spike, realizing what she was dressed as, razed his brows.

            “Little Red Riding Hood, sweets?” he asked and she grinned.

            “You said you were going as the Big Bad. I figured it would be fitting to go as Red to match.” Spike had to admit, she was witty as hell for someone so young.

            “Ahhh, I see. The innocent young girl to go along with the Big Bad Wolf. I like it.” Images of Emma walking alone at night as he stalked behind her unseen filled his mind. She’d even be carrying one of those stupid little baskets. She’d try to run, but didn’t they always? He knew he’d be too fast for her. Spike could almost smell the fear as he imagined pouncing in the darkness. her body pressed tightly against his. She’d struggle, but he’d know she didn’t really want to get away. With complete confidence he’d throw her over his shoulder and carry his prey back to the crypt. He had hours of sweet torture planned for Emma, if she’d only let him. By the time he finished with her, this Little Red would be well and fully ravished. Neither one of them would be able to move. And boy did she need it. Someone to pleasure the sad tension right out of her, and what better vampire for the task? Being a predator was in his blood and God, he would enjoy that hunt.

Ok, that scenario has just won itself a place in my top three sexual fantasies. Spike had to hold back a throaty growl. Being friends was a bitch. Damn Plato and his sexless relationships! Remember Spike. She’s more or less paying you to be her friend. She’s the pathetic one, not you. You love her but at least she doesn’t know it.

            “Ummm… Earth to Spike.” Emma waved a small hand in front of his face bringing his focus back to the real world. Spike shifted uncomfortably and put a nonchalant smile on his face, hoping Emma couldn’t read him. Think about math! Old people! Your mum! Don’t think about ripping that costume off of her and licking every inch of that … Bullocks! He was good at hiding his thoughts but she was just as perceptive. As much as the demon wanted to throw her over his shoulder and fulfill their every secret desire he knew it would only end badly. He’d be himself and crush her already fragile spirit, some monster would kill her or he’d just kill her himself. Either way it didn’t end well for Emma. And for some horrible, unfair, God hates Spike reason that mattered to him. Fuck my unlife!

            “Why is Spike just standing in the doorway?” Annabelle appeared behind Emma with a coy smile of welcome on her face. She was currently wearing a tight fitting cop uniform that was more spandex then actual costume. That wasn’t surprising, she was the target group for those types of outfits.

            “Maybe he’s broken” Emma snickered in response to Annabelle’s comment.

            “Sorry luv. Wasn’t aware that pretending to be interested was part of this gig.” He replied with his signature smirk

            “Oh!” Annabelle giggled, “ He’s so mean!”

            “Can’t you keep your hormones under control for five seconds?” Emma said good-naturedly.

            “Nope! I’m a women who knows what she likes,” That was obvious. “Stop being rude Em and invite him in,”

            “NO!” Emma practically shouted a look of almost terror on her face, “Hold on one sec,” she told Spike before slamming the door in his face. Luckily Spike could hear every word that they whispered between the two of then.

            “ What was-” Emma cut Annabelle off

            “ You have to promise me something. Never invite him in no matter what he says! Promise me!” Emma must have shown a small bit of her inner fury for Annabelle was speechless for a couple of seconds.

            “O-Ok, Em. I promise.” Emma opened the door with a slightly embarrassed look in her eyes.

            “Sorry about that,” She grabbed a small red purse and joined him in the hallway. For once Annabelle’s sultry smile was gone as she looked in his direction.

            Umm… my coat, luv?” as much as he wanted to get the hell out of the hormone infested dorm he needed his jacket. A couple days without it had been just a little too weird for him to bear. Emma nodded and ran back into the room grabbing his duster off of her bed. Spike hooked his thumbs through his front two belt loops and smiled. Wonder what it was doin’ there?

            “Maybe you shouldn’t go alone,” Annabelle avoided Spike’s eyes as she looked worriedly between them  “A lot of people go missing here Emma. It’s not safe.” 

            “I’ll be fine. We’ll see you and Hank at the party.” Emma answered nonchalantly as she handed the coat to Spike and started walking away. Spike slipped his arms into the jacket and gave Annabelle a wave, enjoying the look of fear in her eyes. He’d missed that.

            “Scared the hell out of her, you did” He said after a moment. Emma smiled at him in response

            “I don’t need a dead roommate on my hands. The new one could be worse.” The two of them walked side by side out of the dorm, Spike slowing his steps down so she could keep up.

            “I told you I wouldn’t kill you,” and now he knew for certain that he’d meant it. Ok, so he kind of meant it.

            “Yeah. Me. You said you wouldn’t kill me. I’m kind of responsible for all the people I introduce you to. They see us as friends and they don’t think you’re a mass murdering evil demon held back by a little microchip from the government. Not that I can really blame them. Aside from looking like you do drugs there really isn’t anything all that abnormal about you,”

            “Hey! I don’t do drugs” Emma raised a brow in response “Ok, maybe that once. But I didn’t know she was high when I bit her. It was Woodstock! Everyone was high,”

            “Well, you should be careful who you eat,” Emma opened the door and let Spike go through. A very unlady-like gesture, but one he was used to from her. She didn’t play the damsel in distress card. Spike got on his bike and waited for Emma to clamber on behind him. No matter how many times he drove her around she still seemed really awkward on the bike. He figured it was the close contact. It sure as hell wasn’t doing him any favors.

            “So where is this place, luv? The sooner we get there the sooner we can leave.”

Emma fumbled around in her purse for a couple of seconds before handing him a piece of paper with some scribbled directions. Obviously the handiwork of Annabelle. He was surprised it was even partially legible. Luckily the place they were going wasn’t too far.

            “Come on, Big Bad! Let’s get this freak show on the road,” she gave him a quick shove in an attempt to spur him into action. He chuckled and started up the bike.

Within 10 minutes they were parked in front of an apartment building that had all of the tell tale signs of a party going on inside. Drunken kids in costumes littered about, barely conscious of who they were. A veritable buffet for the undead. How it was that the really drunk ones always found their way outside unprotected was another one of life’s mysterious. Not that he had done any complaining in his glory days. Spike started to walk forward but stopped short as he realized Emma wasn’t following. He turned back to look at her. She was just standing there, staring at the building with a mixture of irritation and fear.

            “I really don’t want to do this,” she said quietly as she too eyed the multitude of idiotic college students that were just milling about. Spike couldn’t help but feel bad for her; she really seemed to have a problem with this sort of thing.

            “I’ll be there to look scary and distract from your social awkwardness,” he held out his hand and after only a moment’s hesitation Emma came to him, fitting her small hand snugly into his. Together they went through the front door and followed the sounds of the “Monster Mash”.

            “I bloody hate this holiday,” he mumbled to himself. No self-respecting demon celebrated Halloween. It was a holiday for the posers; people who wanted to be evil but just couldn’t muster it. He felt stupid just being at one of these things.

            “There’s Annabelle,” Emma dropped Spike’s hand and rushed over to her friend. Annabelle through an arm around Emma and handed her a glass of whatever she was drinking. Hank stood beside them dressed as Hercules. It was pretty stupid really. Despite Hank’s outfit Emma shot him a friendly smile, which he willingly returned. You better play nice you giant buffoon.

            “Emma! You came!” a short red headed girl worked her way through the crowd and gave a friendly punch to Emma’s shoulder. The girl was wearing a Little Mermaid costume. Good movie, not that he’d ever say that out loud. Feeling slightly left out Spike decided to enter himself into the conversation. He hadn’t met this one before.  He tried to ignore as Annabelle pressed herself against Hank in a nervous manner.

            “So who’s this, luv?” the only word that could describe the girl was ‘cute’, as much as Spike was loath to use it. She was a human sized pixie with her tiny hands and stick like figure.

            “ Oh, sorry Spike.” Emma smiled at him. It was clear she was far more relaxed now that friends surrounded her. “ This is my friend Taylor. She’s from my art history class. We bonded after realizing how stupid our teacher is,”

            “So this is Spike?” her eyebrows raised in one of those ‘girl looks’, much to Spike’s satisfaction. “He doesn’t look like anyone Emma would associate with,” Taylor laughed out in a thick southern accent. Spike bristled in response.

            “Why’s that?” he asked

            “You look like a druggie punk rocker. Not the type of person that the straight and narrow Emma would associate with. No offense” she shrugged in a noncommittal way

            “I told you! I fucking told you that you look like you’re on drugs!” Emma practically glowed with self-satisfaction

            “Ok, lay off. I didn’t come to this freak show to get picked on by a bunch of girls,”

            “That’s women to you, bub.” Taylor pointed a finger in his face. This was a seriously saucy one.

            “ I can see why she likes you,” Spike replied. Emma seemed to have a tendency to collect people who spoke before they thought.  Taylor gave him a quirky smile

            “ You too. The more he talks Emma the more I like him. Why haven’t you brought him around before?”

            “ He’s not really the show and tell type” It was true. Spike couldn’t remember the last time he’d associated with college students and frankly it felt weird. He usually stuck to an older crowd. A much older crowd.

            “ Emma!” Annabelle shouted/whispered from her protected position near Hank “ George is here!” Spike’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he followed Annabelle’s gaze to the wanker in question. He was dressed as a doctor, which figured. Since Spike didn’t sense Emma preparing to move toward him, he assumed they were more or less home free. But oh no! Annabelle, the ever-peppy college co-ed decided to take things into her own hands and draw attention to them.

            “Bar tender Guy! Hey, come over here!” George showed another one of those idiotic grins and practically skipped over to them. This guy had hidden homosexual tendencies written all over him. Just get out of the closet and fuck off!

  AN: Someone nominated this story for an award so, thank you to whomever that was. Anyways, you all know the drill. Get Reviewing or i'll make you wait much longer for the next chapter. Insert evil laughter.

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