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04 November 2009 @ 07:46 pm
Chapter 7: Brand New Day  

Blood Match
Rating: R
Summary: When Emma is saved from death by the evil and enigmatic vampire Spike the two develop a shaky friendship based on mutual loneliness. Sarcastic and at times awkward the pair discover a desire to be more then just friends. But can love between the Big Bad and a human end with anything but death?
Main Characters: Spike, Emma
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or plot devices. This is a non-profit story.

“So the Master made Darla, Darla made Angelus, Angelus made Drusilla and then she made you? Then Angelus got a soul, turned into Angel and killed the Master and Darla? See the good thing about human families is that the older relatives die so you don’t have to remember them.”  Spike and Emma walked back to the crypt after a night of drinks at Willies’ bar. Apparently Willie didn’t card, or at least really didn’t want Spike to break his nose. Willie was a sneaky little man that reminded Emma of a character that might be called “the Weasel” in a 1940’s mob movie. His goals revolved around money and any sort of loyalty to the powers of good or evil really didn’t matter.

            “It can be a bitch having everyone still around. I swear to God it blew my mind when I ran into Angel here in Sunnydale. It’s like you’d think a fellow could spend his unlife without having to worry that his newly reformed grandsire is going to pop out of no where and kill him” Spike lobbed along in a kind of zigzag pattern behind Emma, the number of drinks he had consumed pretty evident. Emma had only had about two shots of whiskey, which Spike had insisted on, and now she was starting to feel them too. 

            Emma reached the front of Spike’s crypt and pulled the door open. Ever since the night of their “little argument” they had been spending quite a bit of time together. It seemed Spike was every bit as lonely as Emma was, which was surprising. Emma had always figured that vampires were solitary creatures, but some nights she would hear a knock on her window and find Spike there, irritated that she hadn’t come over. They got along well, not in the sappy “you’ve got a friend in me” way, but in the sort of way that she imagined people were after years of having to associate with one another. It was a strange arrangement but Emma knew she shouldn’t complain.

            Spike flopped down into his chair as Emma grabbed one of her sodas out of the fridge. She’d put them there a couple of days ago when she’d asked for something to drink and he’d offered her O positive. Emma popped the top and took a sip; glad to be drinking something that didn’t burn like hell as it went down. Those two shots of practical rubbing alcohol had been a bad idea.

            She turned in order to head over to her usual spot on the floor in front of the TV but noticed something in the way.

            “What is that?” She knew exactly what it was. The real question was: what was it doing there?

            “What’s it look like?” Spike was obviously trying to brush it off as no big deal, but Emma decided to give him a hard time about it.

            “ Did you get me a chair?” She gave him a sugary sweet smile and sat down in the old leather desk chair.

            “Be quiet,” he muttered while absentmindedly flipping the channels.

            “I have my own piece of furniture here. That makes us best buddies doesn’t it?” she poked him in the arm and he shot her a disgusted look.

“ Are you done or am I going to have to gag you?”  He asked, his small reservoir of patience seeming to grow thin. He was way too easy to get riled up.

“Alright yes, fine. I’m done….Oh, come on! We’ve already seen this episode of Gilligan’s Island. Surprise, surprise they don’t get off the island,” She really needed to get him cable. She didn’t think she could stand anymore TV from the 60s.  Spike switched it off and turned to look back at her.

“ So what do you want to do? I’d suggest killing something but there’s no way I’m taking you with me for that. Be more of a nuisance then any help,” Once again the fact that she was the wimpy human in the equation was shoved in her face. The longer she knew that pure evil existed the harder it became to sit back and watch people disappear and die. Especially after going to that demon bar. Demons were disgusting.

Spike had broken the skulls of some demons just because he had ‘heard’ they were killing humans. Seeing how bloodthirsty Spike could be in the midst of battle Emma couldn’t help but wonder….

            “You know how I asked you what you would do to me if you had the chip removed and you said I didn’t want to hear the answer?” Emma tried to look calm but she was actually really afraid to hear what he said.  When he didn’t respond for a few seconds Emma began to worry that she had crossed the invisible line that they had drawn between them. There were some things they didn’t talk about, like Dru leaving Spike, Angel which always led to swearing, Emma’s lack of friends or anything having to do with sex. They’d learned their lesson after the argument about Annabelle.  Sexuality led to either yelling or tense silence.

            “No, I wouldn’t kill you” Emma’s breath caught in her throat “Don’t get me wrong. In the beginning I’d have killed that vamp who was attacking you and then drained you dry myself.”

            “Thanks.” She said with a sarcastic smile. How was it that Spike could turn anything nice into something mean and creepy?

            “Emma,” he slurred her name a little bit as he said it “I’ve developed a soft spot for you, which is …embarrassing. Me, the big bad master vampire caring whether or not a human dies. God, if I got this chip removed I’d probably turn you. Dru turned me because she wanted someone to love her no matter how she acted. I just don’t want to be alone again.” Spike seemed so sad that if it hadn’t been for the ice water running through Emma’s veins she would have felt bad. Emma turned her chair to face him, her expression deadly serious.

            “ Spike, you have to promise me something,” she didn’t want to say it but Emma couldn’t see any way around the situation. “No matter what happens please, don’t make me a vampire. I can’t be what you are…. soul-less. I’d rather be dead.” She could see the hurt in his eyes. Emma knew that the offering to turn her meant something to Spike, but she couldn’t be evil, not even for him.

            “Fine! I’ve got it, luv.” It was obvious the ‘fine’ part of that sentence was complete bullshit, but Emma didn’t want to press the situation.

            “That doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. It would take a lot more than a chip-less Spike to scare me away” That luckily roused him out of his dour mood.

            “No it wouldn’t! I’m the scariest bloke you’ve ever met. You’d probably faint. ‘Oh no, big bad Spike! Don’t hurt me’” he said as he waved his hands in the air in mock fright.

            “ Big Bad Spike? There is no way I would say that!”

            “ True,” Spike gave her an appreciative glance “You’ve got stones,”

            “Speaking about how awesome I am, I need to ask you a favor.” She had been meaning to bring this up sooner but, as per usual, the two of them had either kept themselves busy or talked. Spike seemed to brace himself for what she was about to say, which Emma figured was probably a good idea.

            “ Annabelle’s been really getting on me to go out and do things. Usually I’ve been able to get out of it… until recently. I told her I’d go to a Halloween party with her on Friday,”

            “ And what does that have to do with me?” his eyes narrowed dangerously

            “ Please don’t make me do this on my own. Have you ever tried to talk to people my age? I can’t do it! If I have to hear one person say ‘I am sooo wasted’ I’ll kill them!” her voice was reaching a frantic pitch “ I mean it. Some college guy will get stabbed in the face!” Emma grabbed the hand nearest her before immediately dropping it. Touching was another one of their no-nos.

            “You should do it. I’ll watch!” Spike said as his eyes glinted with a bloodthirsty kind of glee. Emma gave him an irritated scowl.

            “Spike, I’m being serious here! I cannot go to this party on my own,” Spike seemed to sense that she wasn’t joking anymore.



            “NO! ‘m not your fucking chaperone!”

            “I’ll pay you fifty bucks,” Emma stared at him, a look of desperation in her eyes.

            “Fifty dollars? Really? You must be desperate. It’s kind of sad really,” he looked at her like she was the most pathetic thing in the world. Emma tried to shrug it off, despite how true she felt his words were.

            “I can’t help it if I’m socially awkward. You’ve got it easy. You’re some smooth talking, if extremely rude, vampire. Parties are your kind of thing, not mine!” Emma could see something flash behind his eyes, as if he was thinking of things long past. Emma tilted her head slightly as she surveyed his almost pained expression. What’s his problem?

            “ Fine. I’ll go to the stupid party with you. Just stop nagging,” Emma couldn’t help it, she was so grateful. She quickly jumped up and threw her arms around his neck, inhaling the scent that she now associated solely with him. Emma had been panicking about this party for the past week and the idea of not having to go alone was extremely relieving. Spike had come through for her, which was surprising.

This theme continued when he wrapped one of his free arms around her waist and preceded to give her what Spike must have considered a light squeeze. Unfortunately it was breaking her ribs.

“Too tight! Too tight!!” Emma collapsed against his chest in an attempt to alleviate the pressure

“Well, I’m usually crushing the life out of humans, not hugging them,” he shot her a smirk that told Emma he had done it on purpose. She gave him an irritated poke in the chest while rubbing her ribs with her free hand.

“That’s gonna bruise you asshole,”

“Well it couldn’t have hurt that much, you little wuss. The chip didn’t kick in,” he continued to flash that irritatingly smug smile of his.

“Don’t look so pleased with yourself,” he really was the most egotistical, self-satisfied man she had ever met. But, God was he handsome.

“It’s kind of hard with you sitting on my lap, kitten” Emma froze as she realized he was right. Spike must have accidentally pulled her down when he had decided to have fun breaking her ribs.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean….” She tried to scramble off of him, stricken by the fact that she had been resting against his chest. Spike’s hand shot out and grabbed her by the waist, putting her right back to where she had been. Their eyes locked and the current they had been trying so desperately to avoid jumped between them.

“Now where are you going, luv?” he whispered as that devilish smile of his returned. “’m not done with you,” All Emma could do was stare as Spike pulled her down and pressed his lips against hers.

They were softer then Emma would have expected and gentler. She had always figured Spike to be the type of man to take what he wanted as brutally as necessary, the kind of man that cared little for the feelings of a woman. The fact that he was an evil undead creature only added to the stereotype. But this on the other hand was soft and wonderful. Perhaps it was his years of experience or her lack of it but Emma had never thought that someone could make her feel so… alive. Which was ironic. Lips pressed against lips as a cascade of emotions broke through their carefully built walls. Against her better judgment Emma pressed herself further into him, deepening the kiss. As he traced her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, Emma moaned softly allowing him access. Relying on instinct and memory of the very few number of kisses she matched his passion with her own, the intensity of it frightening and thrilling her at the same time. 

Suddenly, as if the lack of skin-to-skin contact became more then they could bare the two of them began to frantically pull at one another’s clothes. Spike growled low in his throat as Emma wrestled with his leather duster, finally managing to get it off of him. In return he grabbed at her blouse and ripped the material open as if it were nothing more then tissue paper. Spike weaved his hands into the hair at the base of her neck and angled his body over hers in an obvious sign of dominance. Rough hands ran themselves along her skin and sent chills down her spine. It was wonderful. Emma turned her attention to Spike’s black T, deciding that either he took it off, or she went crazy. Spike seemed to understand there was no way she was going to get it off without some help, and immediately pulled the shirt over his head in one quick tug. Emma looked down at the exposed flesh, ready to…. For the love of God and all that is holy! ABS! ABS! ABS! He’s fucking ripped! Realizing that she was more or less leering Emma leaned back up towards his lips, determined to wipe that satisfied grin off of his face. 

“Like what you see?” Spike whispered against her skin as he pressed kisses from her chin down to the base of her neck. He finally settled against her pulse point and sucked gently, causing Emma to release a small growl of her own. She had to suppress a smile as an almost deliciously wicked idea came to her. Pulling her head away she looked him in the eyes, a smirk to match his on her face.

“Oh no, big bad Spike,” she practically purred at him, enjoying the lust the burned in his eyes “Don’t hurt me,” he grinned wolfishly, curls she had pulled free framing his face. With renewed fever the two of them joined back together with an almost explosive force. Without thinking Emma pushed him back slightly in order to straddle his lap. He grinned against her lips and pressed his hands to her waist, grinding her against his erection. Emma’s eyes flew open as delicious sparks of desire shot through her body like electricity. Wow! As if magnetically drawn there, Spike left a gentle bite on her throat while rubbing his hips against hers in slow sensuous circles.  Why haven’t we done this sooner? I mean… Good Lord! Emma thought frantically. Her head fell back in pleasure causing Spike to smile before he leaned in and whispered softly in her ear.

“Gads luv! If only I could bite you,” no matter how soothing his voice sounded she couldn’t stop the harsh slap of reality. Even if Emma cared for Spike she would never be safe around him. Vampires were evil and even if she loved him… oh god!


I love him….


I love …




              Holy Shit!

AN: There's Chapter 7. I would love some reviews, they make my day. Also, if you could tell other people about this story I'd be very happy. I need more Livejournal readers.  Also Follow me on twitter under Reluctanthero27

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(Anonymous) on November 5th, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
well, I've been with you from chapter 1 so you know I need to see where you're taking my guy spike!!
eyezrthewindowseyezrthewindows on November 5th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
Ahhhh! Cliff-hangery cockteasingness! Hope the next chapter will be quick in the, uh, heh, coming.
reluctanthero27reluctanthero27 on November 6th, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)
Just to warn you, UST is kind of a staple for the next say 9 chapters.
eyezrthewindowseyezrthewindows on November 7th, 2009 02:21 am (UTC)
*whimpers headdesk* It ends happily, though, right?