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16 September 2009 @ 01:01 am
Chapter 6: Welcome to My Life  

Title: Blood Match

Rating: R
Summary: When Emma is saved from death by the evil and enigmatic vampire Spike the two develop a shaky friendship based on mutual loneliness. Sarcastic and at times awkward the pair discover a desire to be more then just friends. But can love between the Big Bad and a human end with anything but death?
Main Characters: Spike, Emma
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or plot devices. This is a non-profit story.

Chapter 6: Welcome to My Life

“Come on. We’ll take my bike,” Sure enough, parked right in the alley next to the Bronze stood a sleek black motorcycle. Emma’s face broke out into a huge smile as she went to check it out.

            “You have a motorcycle? I love motorcycles!” she exclaimed as she ran a hand along its side.

“It’s a definite pussy magnet” Emma rolled her eyes and laughed at the same time. Spike was a pig.

“So you have wheels? Why the hell have I been walking everywhere?”

            “ ‘m not a damn taxi” he mumbled as he got on the back of the bike and motioned for her to get on behind him.

            “Look away” She ordered

            “Why? You’re not stripping, you’re getting on the damn bike.”

            “Yes, I know that thank you. But I’m currently dressed in something that can barely be called a skirt so it’s going to take some adjusting.” Spike smirked in an irritating sort of way and turned his head. Emma quickly checked to make sure no one was around and then settled herself on the bike. It took a couple of tugs but she was pretty certain that her underwear was decently covered. Emma wrapped her arms around Spike’s waist and settled her forehead against his back in embarrassment. She was way too close to him for any semblance of comfort. God, I might as well be humping his back! New rule: always wear pants. Always wear pants!

            “Can we go now? I’m fucking starving,” it was a strange sensation to be able to feel his chest rumble as he spoke. Kind of nice.

            “I’m good. Let’s go” Spike nodded and kicked the bike into gear.


Emma surprisingly enough remained quiet on the trip back to her dorm. She merely sat there holding on to him a little too tightly with her head resting on his back. Spike smiled. As much as he disliked the concept, Spike had taken a liking to Emma. She was witty as hell and actually seemed to like him. Somehow she had invaded his life, becoming one of the few people he didn’t mind having around. Once he got the chip out, he was going to need to kill her, get her out of his life. There was just something about her. In truth, Emma was the first person he’d actually gotten to know in decades.

It was strange to think back on how wrapped up his entire existence had been in Drusilla. Everything had been for her, his dark princess and savior from the mundane. Spike would have moved heaven and earth for her. Even though it was believed that vampires couldn’t feel love, Spike had no other word for the feelings that had burned inside of him. She had become his entire world and had showed him the best the night had to offer.

When it had been Angelus, his sire Darla and Dru, they had created their own little world of travel and expensive tastes. There was no need for anyone but each other. Nights spent gorging themselves on blood and days filled with lovemaking. Vampiric heaven.

The problems hadn’t started until Spike finally left behind his fledgling status and began to question Angelus’ authority. Angelus was the leader and considered Drusilla and Darla to be his women, his property. Spike couldn’t take it, couldn’t stand the sight of Drusilla sitting on Angelus’ lap, cooing her affections for her “daddy”. They were sleeping together and jealousy slowly began to eat away at him.

Yet he’d still believed that Drusilla loved him, loved him as deeply as he loved her. When Angelus was cursed by gypsies and ensouled, Spike had jumped at the chance to recaptured Dru’s affections. They had traveled the world together and watched time fly by. It was as close to heaven as Spike thought he would ever get. The years of devotion, of risking his life to restore her from deadly wounds and catering to her insane whims had led him into a false sense of security.

Then one day, after he had caught her “catering” to some disgusting chaos demon, Drusilla finally snapped his patience with her.

Drusilla stared at the sky, arms spread wide as she tried to trace the stars with her fingers. Spike merely glowered at her, his anger and desire to kill barely contained.

“Dru! A chaos demo? I’ve spent years killing by your side and I find you shacked up with some chaos demon? I mean Angelus I could kind of understand but…” His words were filled with more venom then he had every showed her before. He’d known she was sleeping around, but he hadn’t thought it would be with something like a chaos demon. They were one of the lowest types of demons.

“I have to find my pleasures, Spike. You taste like ashes.” It was more of her cryptic bullshit and for once Spike couldn’t take it.

“I love you! I’d have made you my mate, walked in the sun, anything you asked or wanted I’d have done!”

“Oh Spike, I killed your love when I made you,” She sighed and began to twirl around, “Love is like the sun: not for us.”

“What are you saying Dru?” a cold feeling settled in the pit of his stomach, diminishing the intensity of his anger.

“I don’t want your love. The pixies told me that it will drain me dry, leave me empty.”

“But Dru…”She snapped, her next words coming out in a shout of fury.

“Get away from me! Your love makes me weak, makes me sick, it will kill me! Get away!” she continued to scream and covered her ears with her hands. Spike just stood there, depression and a sense of hopelessness settling inside him.

“Um… it’s clear you guys have something going on here. I should probably go” All Spike could do was stare at the Chaos demon, watching as mucus dripped from one of his horns.

“Turn here” Spike nodded, glad for the distraction from his thoughts. He didn’t really need Emma to tell him which dorm she lived in. He’d known her long enough now that he could track her for miles if needed. Spike parked the bike and tried not to laugh as Emma scrambled off.

“Got your knickers all covered, luv?”

“Shut up,” She scowled at him “If you want blood you’d better play nice!”

“Nice vampires and skimpy skirts don’t mix. We’re highly sexual creatures,” Spike enjoyed watching a slight blush creep across her cheeks. He hadn’t pegged her for the blushing type.

“I’ve noticed.  I’m surprised you and Annabelle didn’t start fornicating right there in the Bronze.” Was that a hint of jealously in her voice? Spike had to practically beat down the urge to smirk outright. Finally a weak spot in this girl!

“Oh, if she offered I sure as hell wouldn’t say no. She’s the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a while” He followed Emma in to the dorm, noticing how no one waved or greeted her as she passed them.

“Yep,” Emma bit out, “ She’s great.”

“Must have tons of friends, too. Wonder why she took you with her to the Bronze?” that comment really seemed to get under her skin. Against his better judgment Spike’s skill at hurting people kicked in and he continued to speak. “I mean Annabelle’s the kind of girl everyone wants around. No one here even seems to know you. Maybe you should have stayed in Chicago where you at least had your family.” Emma whirled around at this comment her eyes blazing with undisguised fury. In that moment she looked more seductive then anything he’d seen in a long time, the perfect example of wrathful beauty.

“Shut the hell up Spike!”

“Or what, you’ll get all of your zero friends to come beat me up? ’m quaking in my boots!” he knew he had pushed it too far, but once again in his long existence Spike couldn’t seem to stop.

“Just leave it alone!” Emma stopped in front of her door, tension obviously building in her.

“What? Having trouble realizing you’re nobody special?” she stood silent for a moment before she began to speak again, an icy sharpness in her tone.

“And who are you Spike? No, better yet, what are you? Can’t feed, can’t kill, all you do is sit around in your crypt feeling sorry for yourself. You’re not a human you’re not even a vampire. Hell, the only thing you are is pathetic!” He growled low in his throat, his eyes matching her look of pure malice.

“Luv, you bring new meaning to the word pathetic. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so depressing in my entire undead existence.”

“You don’t know anything about me!” her angry confidence was beginning to falter as she fumbled with the key to her door.

“Me and everyone else in this fucking hellmouth! Do you have any friends here?” She opened the door wide and went inside.

“I thought I had one,” She answered coldly, a look of betrayal on her face. The fight had gone out of her and as the tension cleared Spike couldn’t help but begin to feel guilty. It was no fun when they didn’t fight back.

“Emma…” He said and in his rush to fix the situation attempted to enter the room. With a painful smack Spike’s entire body collided with the invisible force that prevented vampires from entering the living areas of humans.

“Invite me in!” sometimes the little idiosyncrasies of being a vampire could be a bitch.

“No,” Emma stalked over to her fridge and pulled out three bags of blood from a sack. She walked back to him and stuck her hand through the doorframe, the inside of her wrist facing upward.

“I’m going to say this in a way you can understand Spike,” Emma used her free hand to make a ‘V’ sign with her fingers. “Sod off!”

“Look, I didn’t….” the words died in the back of his throat as he noticed a pale scar that ran along the inside of Emma’s exposed wrist. She’s tried to kill herself.  With his vampiric speed he grabbed at her arm, causing the bagged blood to drop from her grasp.

“When did you do this?” he traced the scar with one of his fingertips, noticing that Emma had ceased to move.

“Summer after 8th grade. Now will you let go of me?” It surprised Spike to see embarrassment flash across her features.

“Why?” She just seemed too strong, too full of life to ever try and kill herself.

            “An undiagnosed case of serious depression,” it sounded so clinical coming from her, so formal.

            “No, I mean why?” Even though he couldn’t quite understand his reasons, the idea of Emma lying dead in a pool of her own blood both angered and frightened him at the same time.

            “I don’t know!” She started to panic and continued to try and wrench her arm out of his hands.
            “Emma, relax. I’m the last person who’s going to judge you! Just let me in!” He released her arm and hit one of his fists against the barrier, teeth barred. “Let me in now!” Emma backed up, her eyes wide with fear.

As his anger began to fade, Spike reached his hand out in a silent peace offering. At that moment he was glad that her part of the dorm seemed to be more or less empty. It took her a couple of seconds, but Emma finally gave up her inner struggle and slipped her hand back into his, allowing herself to be pulled into the hallway.

            “Let’s go outside,” he wanted to give her an appreciative smile but he knew that wouldn’t be the way to get the story out of her. What Spike lacked in compassion he more then made up for in inappropriate curiosity.

            “Not gonna let me inside, pet?”

            “Do I look stupid to you?” he prepared to seize upon the opportunity to make a joke and lighten the mood but Emma beat him to it, “ Don’t you dare answer that!”

            “Wasn’t gonna say anything” he raised his hands up in a sign of mock innocence. She gave him a hesitant smile as Spike bent down to pocket the bags of blood.

            “That’s a lie if I’ve ever heard one.” The two of them walked out of the dorm side by side and headed to a bench near the residential quad.

            “I never would have pegged you for the suicide type,”

            “I wasn’t, I’m not. I mean, I did do this to myself but I didn’t want to die. I was so sad all the time and my parents just wouldn’t listen. I guess I panicked. I wasn’t thinking, which is probably obvious.” She laughed a little, the sort of hallow laugh that Spike was used to.

            “How come you only have one scar? I know humans and one wrist would have taken way too long”

            “I came to my senses and freaked out when I started to bleed all over the floor. It was like at that instant my mind screamed at me ‘I don’t want to die!’. I called 911 and they patched me up. My parents spazzed and I spent the next couple of years with the best shrinks money could buy.”

            “Your parents rich, then?” he asked, pieces of her life starting to fall into place.

            “Pretty well off. How do you think I afford to buy you all that blood? You’re fucking expensive,” She gave him a smile

“In that case, buy me a better TV.”

“Yours is pretty shitty. I surprised that model even has a hook up for a DVD player.” Without really thinking about it, Spike reached out and took the hand that Emma had resting on the bench. Her fingers curled around his in a pleasant sort of way, her warm one in his room temperature one. They sat like that in amiable silence for a couple of minutes, neither one bothered by the lack of conversation. It was a nice night and they didn’t have anywhere to be.

“Is that why you didn’t want to go to the hospital when that vamp roughed you up? You didn’t want your parents to get worried?”

“Do you actually think I wanted to enlist the further aid of the scary vampire guy? You scared the crap out of me. When I was following you to your crypt I figured I had about a fifty-fifty chance that you were going to eat me.” 

“I had a feeling you weren’t as relaxed as you pretended to be. Kind of just thought you were stupid,” Now that he thought back to it, her hands had been shaking the entire time. Emma had been braver then most humans, but that really wasn’t saying much. Humans on the whole were a wimpy lot.  But he liked Emma, for some horrible reason. You had to fight fair with worthy opponents and he’d been going for the low blows.

“Look,” He sighed “ I’m not really good at this so you’re gonna have to cut me some slack.  I didn’t mean all of what I said. It’s kind of a bad habit of mine to pick at people’s weak spots.”

“Is that a vampire thing?”

“No. When I was human I was a bit of a…. well I was a complete pansy. People got their kicks snickering at me, so when I turned I figured I’d get to people before they got me. Dru taught me that it’s a kill or be killed kind of world, that’s the type of instinct that can be hard to get rid of.”

“I said some pretty awful stuff too. You don’t just sit around all the time. You saved me, didn’t you?” She hit his leg playfully with her own, a sign that things had gone back to normal.

“So I can stop groveling now?”  She shot him an incredulous look

That was groveling?”

            “It’s all you’re gonna get out of me, pet” Spike never gave more then he had to, no matter the situation or person. He knew better then to let people in. They just ripped your heart out and stepped on it for fun, or slept with the woman you loved just because you told him that Drusilla was your ‘destiny’. Fuck Angel! Emma seemed to accept his need to change the subject because she immediately forged on with another topic.

            “So…Spike… How big of a pansy were you?”

            “Oh no! No way! ‘m not talkin’ about William with you!”

            “He’s not a different person, you know” Spike scoffed in disgust

            “Believe me, the demon killed whatever was left of that Nancy a long time ago,” The entire process had taken the kind of detail and attention that was against Spike’s true nature but he’d done it. Everything about William had been an embarrassment, from the accent to the puffy brown hair. He grimaced at the thought.

            “Well, he loved Drusilla, didn’t he?” Spike’s turned his head so quickly that he could practically hear a snap from his neck. What the hell was this girl going on about?

            “I loved Drusilla. William just wrote poetry and bumbled around,” Emma gave him one of her snotty little looks that was beginning to be more then just annoying.

            “You told me vampires can’t love,” Spike had to stop himself from sighing. It was one of those things he had always wondered about himself. He knew that a vampire could never completely kill off who they were originally. Angelus had never lost his vanity, Dru was as nuts as ever and Spike still felt the urge to compose sonnets. Perhaps love was one of those human things he would never be able to get rid of, some sort of cosmic joke. He really was sick of being the butt of someone else’s joke.

            “ ‘m not talking about this,”

            “That’s not fair! I had to talk about my big secret and I don’t get to hear about little Willy?” she giggled, a sound he’d never hear her make before. It was strange.

            “Sorry luv, but that’s just the way it is. Life ain’t fair.”

            “Oh come on! Tell me something”

            “Will you shut the fuck up if I do?” Sometimes Emma really had the ability to be more irritating then Dru, which was saying something,

            “I’d say yes, but then I would be lying,” She rested her head against his shoulder causing Spike to stiffen slightly. He could feel the heat of her skin through his jacket, which was an odd sensation.

            “What’d you want to know?”

            “Tell me about pre-vamp you. All the good stuff,” He knew what she wanted to hear, most likely the kind of stuff that Spike would want to know; anything embarrassing.

            “I lived with my mum for starters,” Emma laughed but quickly stopped when he nudged her slightly in the ribs “and my hair was brown,”

            “And now it can be seen from space. You know, you look a lot like Billy...” Spike cut her off quickly

            “Yeah, Billy Idol. I get that shit all the time. Ran into him once. Stole my look, the bastard.”

 “Is that your entire human story?  Blonde hair and mom issues?” She seemed disappointed

            “I wish, but no, there’s more. I was in love,”

            “Dun, Dun, Dun!!!!” Emma’s head vibrated as she added what must have been considered dramatic music.

            “Exactly. So I loved this girl… a lot, thought the world revolved around her. I even wrote her a poem and read it out loud at a party.”

            “Were they any good? Your poems, I mean.”

            “No… they used to be awful. ‘William the Bloody Awful Poet’,”

            “Well come on then” As Emma said this he fixed her with what he considered to be his most irritated stare.

            “‘Come on’ what?”

            “Let’s hear it. I want to hear the poem you recited to ‘your lady love’” she batted her eyelashes and sighed dramatically.

            “You’re a little bitch, you know that?” he still remembered every line of that ridiculous piece of crap. My heart expands… “ Wouldn’t sound right without the poncey accent either,”

            “Fine, then say something in the ‘original’ accent,”

            “Then we talk about something else?” he’d had enough of her memory lane bullshit “ because this is gettin’ on my last nerve,”

            “Ok, I promise.” He eyed her warily causing her to raise up the hand he wasn’t holding in a sign of defeat  “I mean it this time. Seriously”. Spike nodded and sat up a little in preparation. Here goes nothin’.

            “ Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.” As much as Spike hated his original accent he really had missed reciting poetry to someone. It seemed to flow from him the same way killer blows did. “From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to know that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice.”

            “Beautiful,” Emma mumbled “ Probably one of the best Robert Frost poems,” he looked at her with eyebrows raised.

            “Like poetry do you?”

            “Just enough to sound educated,” they laughed slightly at that.


            “Hmmm” he leaned back comfortably and rubbed her palm slowly with his thumb.

“Are we holding hands?” The two of them looked down at their joined hands for a moment before quickly separating.

“Nope! No, we’re not. We’re just sitting here.” Spike pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

“Good, I didn’t think so. That would be ridiculous,” The two stared out at the quad, their body language more then awkward.

“I’m really evil, you know”

“And I believe you,”

“I kill people all the time” 

“…What about the chip?’

“Just shut up, Emma”

AN: No reviews, no more story. I mean it.  I'm a hard ass.

(Anonymous) on September 16th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
See! Reviews! That means more story, right?! Pretty please? With "your story is amazing" comments on top?
eyezrthewindowseyezrthewindows on September 17th, 2009 07:02 am (UTC)
Well, I hope you continue to write and post this story, it's starting to get really good with the UST and everything.