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05 September 2009 @ 02:52 am
Blood Match: Chapter 5  
AN: I'm up for two awards at the Sunnydale Memorial Awards. They are Best Original Character Pairing and Best (Non-Spuffy) Unfinished. Please go vote!

Title: Blood Match

Rating: R
Summary: When Emma is saved from death by the evil and enigmatic vampire Spike the two develop a shaky friendship based on mutual loneliness. Sarcastic and at times awkward the pair discover a desire to be more then just friends. But can love between the Big Bad and a human end with anything but death?
Main Characters: Spike, Emma
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or plot devices. This is a non-profit story.

Chapter 5: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Ok, this sucks. Emma watched as Annabelle downed her 3rd shot of straight tequila and then gave a little shout of glee. Her roommate was pretty wasted, but that’s what she got for going to a club with someone who could drink while she still couldn’t.

            “Come on Emma, I’ll get you one” Annabelle’s slurred whisper was filled with good intentions so Emma couldn’t help but smile

            “No, I’m good. Thanks” Emma didn’t drink casually all that often, especially on school nights. She had an English paper she needed to start this weekend and there was no way in hell she was going to walk home drunk in a vampire invested town. Plus alcohol didn’t mix all that well with anti-depressants.

            “You’re friend’s a little dull” Annabelle’s boyfriend Hank put a beefy arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders and smiled good-naturedly. Annabelle giggled and gave him a playful shove.

            “Stop it. I’m trying to show her a good time” Annabelle gave Mark a kiss that was just a little bit too intimate for public and then rapped her knuckles on the bar, indicating she wanted another shot.

            “Sorry I’m not up to snuff” Emma smiled as the bar tender that handed Annabelle her next drink. “ I’ll have another Diet Coke please” Annabelle drank her next shot and dragged her boyfriend off for another public grinding session.

            “We’ll be back Emma! I just LOVE this song!” it was amazing how her chipper voice could be heard so easily over the music.

            “They’re not really your friends are they?” The bar tender handed the diet coke to her with a sympathetic smile. Emma smiled back noticing that the bar tender was actually kind of good looking. Curly black hair, that rugged stubbly look and wide brown eyes. Definitely a cutie.

            “They’re ok. She’s my roommate so association is sort of mandatory” Emma laughed a little, Annabelle was irritating but she always seemed to find a way to have fun. You had to respect her for that.

            “So you go to the college here?” Emma took a sip as she nodded

            “Yep, just transferred,”

            “Well, welcome to hell” He smiled, but Emma could tell he was serious.

            “What do you mean by that?” Was he aware of the things that stalked Sunnydale’s streets at night? It seemed likely. Living on a hellmouth had to be a little obvious. She’d figured it out within her first month.

            “Just a lot of people here end up dead. Lost two of my best friends to some weird neck wounds.”

            “Wow. That’s really creepy” It should have surprised her that the bar tender was completely oblivious to what was going on around him, but it really didn’t. People saw what they wanted to see and believed what they wanted to believe. How else could they cope with all the crazy shit going on around them?

            “What’s you name?”

            “Emma, and you?” Emma said, surprised that he was showing such an interest in her.

            “George.” He smiled, giving him an almost boyish quality.

            “Well George, it’s nice to meet you,” She stuck out her hand, which seemed kind of ridiculous considering the situation and they both laughed good-naturedly. He reached over the bar and took it.

            “So have you been working here long?”

 “I actually just graduated from U of S last year. I’m saving up money so I can take a tour of Europe before grad school”

            “That’s quite a plan. I don’t even know what I’m going to major in yet.”

            “You might want to get on that,” George said with a quick wink. Annabelle and her boyfriend chose this moment to come crashing back into their presence.  They stood there breathing heavily for a minute, obviously tired. Emma gave George an apologetic look and turned her attention back to her two companions. When it seemed like she had finally caught her breath Annabelle let out a girlish giggle.

            “That was so much fun! Let’s go again!” Annabelle said as she attempted to pull Hank back to the dance floor.

            “No way. I’m gonna sit this one out” Hank sat down on one of the bar stools and continued to pant slightly. For a football player he really wasn’t in that good of shape. Annabelle, sensing that changing Hank’s mind was going to cause more trouble then it was worth turned her attention toward Emma instead.

            “I guess it’s just gonna be you and me! We’ll get more guys to dance with us without Hank around anyway” Annabelle said excitedly. Emma had to suppress a groan.

            “I don’t really dance. I mean, I just look awkward” she replied

            “I won’t take no for an answer” Annabelle was already beginning to back away from the group her eyes alight with excitement. Emma sighed realizing that Annabelle was a lot like a hurricane. You just had to hold on to something solid and wait till it was over.

            “Fine, just let me pay for my drink” Emma turned her attention back to George, who surprisingly enough was merely cleaning glasses. He smiled at her and shook his head as she attempted to hand him the money.

            “Don’t worry about it. It’s on me.” Wow Emma thought a guy just bought me a drink! She smiled warmly and nodded her thanks.

            “Ok Emma, we look smokin’ hot so lets get on the dance floor. C’mon on!” Annabelle grabbed Emma’s hand and tugged her toward the mass of moving bodies.  Emma reluctantly followed, trying not to bump into dancers as Annabelle pushed her way through the crowd. When Annabelle had pulled them close enough to the center of the group that Emma’s ears started to ring from the noise, she stopped and began to dance. Emma knew she had no choice but to follow along with Annabelle’s slinky movements. Just standing there would cause too much unwanted attention. Slowly she swung her hips to the music, matching the pace Annabelle and the beat set. Within a few minutes she managed to loose her sense of awkwardness.

            “You said you couldn’t dance” Annabelle said. She gave Emma an approving smile as they both moved to the music.

            “I just don’t do it very often” Already Emma could feel people watching them, and really, why wouldn’t they? Annabelle was beautiful and Emma wasn’t horrible to look at either. They really were the most attractive pair on the dance floor.

            “Ok, don’t look now, but some guy is totally staring at you” Annabelle whispered to her in a conspiratorial manner. Emma bit her lip nervously and looked to the bar. Sure enough George was giving her a wide grin, and the minute their eyes locked he waved. She waved back, hoping she didn’t look like a complete idiot.

            “No, not him. I mean, yeah he was looking, but I mean that guy over there. The yummy one in the leather duster. He is totally staring at you” This time Annabelle resorted to outright pointing, drawing Emma’s attention to one of the darker corners in the Bronze. There, leaning against a wooden beam and sipping from a silver flask stood Spike, his blue eyes boring into her. He looked dangerous and dark, blending in with the shadows as if he were a part of them. She had never seen anyone so handsome and yet evil at the same time. But, in truth, he actually looked kind of irritated. Emma stared back at him wide eyed for a second, surprised that he would be at the same place she was.

            “I’ll be right back” Emma walked off the dance floor in Spike’s direction, hoping she didn’t look embarrassed. Why in God’s name had she allowed Annabelle to dress her up? She pulled at Annabelle’s red tube skirt a little, wishing she had worn something longer. Something that completely covered her ass.

“What are you doing here? The Bronze really doesn’t strike me as your kind of place” She raised her eyebrows at him good-naturedly.

“And what kind of place would you imagine me, luv?” he gave her that sly smile of his, as if daring her to respond. Emma tried not to shiver at the silky tone of his voice.

            “Someplace with less teenagers and more smoke. The kind of place where you’d be ill-advised to touch anything” she matched his smile with one of her own.

            “I’ll take you to Willie’s sometime. I have a feeling that’s the kind of place you’re talkin’ about” he took a gulp from his flask and then held it out to her. She gave him a quick glance before taking it. Luckily she was used to occasional sips of hard liquor and didn’t have to fight back the impulse to cough.


            “A local demon bar. Wouldn’t recommend going dressed like that, though. Might as well be wearing a big sign that says, ‘kill me please’,”

            “Shut up, I look good”

            “Never said you didn’t” His eyes traveled the length of her, starting with her black stilettos all the way up to her curled hair. Emma looked away, praying to God that she wasn’t blushing like an idiot. When she felt that he was done she turned back.

            “You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here?” she asked again.

            “I’m hungry,” He answered lamely and all Emma could do was stare back at him

            “You were… hungry? So you came to the Bronze? Do they cater to your… particular needs?” he sighed and stuffed his flask into one of his pockets

            “No. Came here looking for you.”

            “How did you know I was here?” Why would he be looking for me?

            “Your smell. Tracked you here after I couldn’t find you at the college” Ok, he wasn’t just looking for me; he was outright searching for me.  Knowing there had to be more to the story then he was telling her, Emma merely crossed her arms and stared at him expectantly.

            “I’m out of blood, and you’re supposed to come and feed me. That’s your job! I saved your life, you buy me blood! I’m not running a fucking charity!” He was starting to get defensive and Emma started to laugh a little

            “I gave you a week’s supply on Monday. You drank all of that in three days? Really? Three days?”

            “I was hungry! I haven’t had the real stuff in a year! Anyways I waited for you to come! I don’t have an unlimited amount of time for you to just wander over with food.” He was starting to raise his voice, the unnecessary air of defensiveness building

            “First of all: Yes you do. You’re undead; you’ve got an unlimited amount of time to do whatever. And second: you were waiting for me? Really?” she grinned, “Did somebody miss me?”  He let out a noise that could only be described as a guffaw and rolled his eyes slightly.

            “No” Emma smirked. Somebody missed me. “I’m actually surprised you’re out in the real world. You don’t seem like the type.” He smirked and Emma had to hide her irritation. It was at this exact moment that Annabelle grew tired of dancing by herself and decided to barge in on the conversation.

            “Who are you talking to Em?” Annabelle showed Spike an appreciate glance and an overly flirtatious smile. In response, Spike pressed his tongue against his top teeth and returned Annabelle’s look with an exceedingly suggestive one of his own.

            “Now her, I’d definitely eat” Emma knew that only she could hear his comment, but it bothered her just the same. She glared at him quickly, which he ignored.

            “Spike, this is my roommate Annabelle, and Annabelle this is Spike my umm….” How they hell could she describe her association with Spike? Surprisingly enough Spike took the initiative and spoke on her behalf.

            “I’m Emma’s friend, saved her from getting mugged a month back” Annabelle’s eyes grew wide

            “Oh! Aren’t you just the regular knight in leather armor? Emma never told me someone tried to mug her. How awful! But in this town I’m really not surprised.”

            “Remember the night I came back all bruised and covered in bandages?” Emma asked, wishing Annabelle could stop playing the idiot seductress for just one second.

            “No” was her lame answer causing Spike and Emma to share a quick glance.

            “You must be a great roommate,” Spike said as he moved in closer. Emma could hear the sarcasm in Spike’s voice, but it was obvious that Annabelle didn’t because she merely smiled and took a step closer herself. 

            “Ohhh” Annabelle said flirtatiously as she reached out a hand to play with the lapelle of his jacket “ Cigarette smoke! You’re the one Emma spent the night with.”

            “She needed a place to crash. Said you were…. occupied” The last word came out slow and sultry. It was all Emma could do to not groan at the ridiculousness of the situation.

            “What can I say? I know how to keep a man busy” That was it. They were leaving!

            “Ok! Sorry to leave like this, but Spike offered to take me back to the dorm. I’m beat.  I have something I need to give him anyways” At these words Spike dropped the seductive manner immediately and backed up from Annabelle, who was starting to pout from the lack of attention. 

            “Yep, we’ve got to go.” He waved curtly at Annabelle and started walking away. Emma quickly followed after being subjected to a tight hug from Annabelle.

            “Hey! Emma!” She stopped dead in her tracks, surprised to hear her name being shouted out. Emma quickly turned hoping that Spike’s tendency toward self-absorption wouldn’t cause him to leave without her. She really couldn’t walk home by herself in a demon-infested hellmouth. That would really be pushing her luck.

            Emma turned towards the voice and was surprised to see George standing there, a smile on his face. She returned it with an anxious one of her own.

            “Hi” It was a lame response, but truth be told Emma couldn’t think of anything else to say to him. George didn’t seem to mind for he continued to smile and walked towards her.

            “I know this is kind of sudden and we just met but I was wondering if…”

            “Who the hell is this wanker?” Spike cut off George mid sentence as he walked up close behind Emma. Well, I guess he didn’t leave without me. Emma sighed hoping to whatever God there was that Spike didn’t do something stupid and ruin this for her. She shot him a quick glare, which he returned with an innocent eyebrow raise of his own.

            “Spike, this is George. George, Spike.” She rushed through the introductions not really caring if they learned each other’s names “Spike says stuff just to be irritating so don’t worry about him. What were you saying?” Emma finished, giving George one of her best fake smiles in an attempt to defuse the situation. She could practically feel Spike smirk behind her.

            “Oh, um. Like I said, I know this is sudden but, I was wondering if I could have your number?” George said with a hopeful smile on his face. George really seemed to spend 99% of his time smiling. It’s kind of nice, Emma thought, trying to enjoy his strange tendency towards an upbeat attitude.

            “Sure,” George pulled out his phone, set up a new contact and handed it to her. While she was busy trying to put the number in without appearing like a technological idiot Spike pulled her by the arm.

            “You have got to be joking,” he whispered, “This guy seems like a total twat. I mean look at him” Spike threw George a disgusted glance “ What the fuck is he smiling about?” Luckily Emma had finished before the scene with Spike could cause things to be too awkward. She handed him back his phone and decided that apologies were in order. Emma leaned in a little closer than was appropriate.

            “I’m really sorry about him. He’s… well, he’s rude.” She chuckled a little.

            “Don’t worry about it, guy friends can get that way.”

            “Oy! I’m right here! I have ears you know. I can hear you talking about me!” Emma rolled her eyes and turned back to Spike.

            “I’m coming! Jesus! See you later George.” And the two of them walked out of the bar, Emma’s small form quickly followed by the dark shadow that Spike seemed to bring with him wherever he went.

AN: The more Reviews I get, the faster chapters come out. Just a heads up there.

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(Anonymous) on September 5th, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
I am enjoying the story thus far! This is a review....do I hear typing?????
eyezrthewindowseyezrthewindows on September 6th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
Keeps getting more and more interesting. Just waiting for Spike to realise he's falling for her and that Emma's not all that immune to it, herself. Can't wait for more :)