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Chapter 3: Beauty and the Beast

Title: Blood Match

Rating: R
Summary: When Emma is saved from death by the evil and enigmatic vampire Spike the two develop a shaky friendship based on mutual loneliness. Sarcastic and at times awkward the pair discover a desire to be more then just friends. But can love between the Big Bad and a human end with anything but death?
Main Characters: Spike, Emma
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or plot devices. This is a non-profit story.

         Spike had absolutely no trouble seeing in the dark, his vampiric senses kicking in the minute the lights had gone out. Already he could tell that Emma was asleep, her breathing even and her heart beat slow.  It had been a while since he had been this close to a sleeping human, without the intent to kill them.  Surprisingly enough he found her trusting presence to be soothing. Not that he’d tell her that. Hell, he didn’t think he’d tell anyone that.

            What had convinced him to take her back to his crypt and bandage her up that first night was completely beyond him. It was most likely the slew of swear words she yelled out as the vampire attacking her had roughly dislocated her shoulder. Yeah, she’d been beaten up pretty bad. Even now he could still see faint bruising on her face, and noticed that she still relied on her left arm for most things.  She’s been in bad shape when he’d found the two of them, everything about him itching for a fight.


A sharp scream filled the air surrounding Sunnydale graveyard as the newly sired vampire ripped Emma’s shoulder out of its socket.

“God Damn, Son of a fucking bitch” Someone ranted as Spike entered into view, glad to have finally found something to kill. Switching into his ‘game face’ Spike lunged, grabbed the girl by her uninjured shoulder and threw her to the side. If he had been paying any attention at all Spike would have noticed the large gravestone that he sent her careening into. But at the moment he could think of nothing but the kill.

            “Sorry mate, but if I can’t eat no one can” Throwing a punch to the guy’s stomach Spike watched with pleasure as he crumpled up in pain, his fangs bared in an attempt to intimidate. Spike noticed blood dripped from the vampire’s nose, and stared back at the girl crouched against the gravestone. The little girl had broken the vampire’s nose? Surprising. Hell it even looked like she’d gotten in a couple good hits, considering the way the vamp was clutching his side. What a weird kid. 

Spike kicked him around a little bit after that, hell he even allowed the guy to get in some hits of his own, but in the end he staked the fledgling, turning him into nothing but a pile of dust. Sometimes it was just too easy.  While he paused to wipe the dusty remains off of his black jeans Spike turned around to face the girl who was breathing heavily against the stone. She stared at him wide eyed, her mouth moving as if to form words that she just couldn’t manage to say. Realizing he still had his game face on Spike flashed her a fanged grin

            “Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not polite to stare” he chuckled as she raised her eyebrows at him. Not the reaction he was expecting.

            “Sorry,” She said “But…um… thank you for saving my life” Spike stopped smiling at that, his irritation building

            “I didn’t save your life, I killed that vampire. You just happened to be about to die. BIG difference there, pet” he said, watching the girl slowly pick herself up and wipe at the blood dripping from her nose.

            “Well, thanks anyways. Um… how bad do I look?” She looked back up at him, allowing Spike to survey her disheveled appearance.
             "Like shit"

            “Great, just great. Almost get killed by a vampire, which up to ten minutes ago I was pretty sure didn’t exist, get saved by the creepy lead singer of a punk band and to top it all off I think my arm’s dislocated! This is just wonderful!” Spike looked at her right arm, which hung loosely at her side

            “Yup, he pulled that sucker right out of its socket.” The fact that she was moving around at all was a true testament to her strength; any human that could endure such pain and still be flippant about it didn’t deserve to die in a graveyard.

            “Do you think you could pop it back in?” the girl looked up at him with wide eyes “ I’ve seen medical shows and I’m pretty sure anyone strong enough can do it and since your some creature of the undead you probably fit the bill” Spike stared back at her, his mind working quickly. Popping her arm back in place would definitely cause screaming and he had no desire to attract the attention of any passing humans. He sighed in exasperation.

            “Come on” Why he was taking her to his crypt he didn’t really know. But after years of fighting and bloodshed, he knew how to repair wounds better then anyone. And cause them, but that was beside the point.  The girl followed after him, gripping her right arm in order to prevent it from getting jostled by the movement.

            “Ok love, how do you know I’m not just going to kill you? You make it a habit of following strangers to their homes?” Well, if they had to spend time together he might as well freak the shit out of her for kicks “Do you know what murderers do to their victims?” He knew she had stiffened at the comment because he could sense it, but her response showed no sign of fear.

            “It’s either death by scary vampire, you are a vampire right? Or explaining to my parents why I had to charge a hospital trip to their account. I really don’t need that kind of shit right now” she said as she struggled to keep up with his stride

            “That’s got to be the worst logic I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard some pretty idiotic things in my time” Spike slowed down a bit, not wanting to have her pass out and need to be carried “ And yes, I am a vampire, a blood sucking fiend of the night, terror to all innocent bystanders. At least I should be”

            “Should be? Not that I’m…ow….” She tripped slightly on a tree root “complaining or anything but why aren’t you busy killing like that other guy? Do you fight for mankind or something, you know, help the helpless?”

            “No! There is no way in hell that I’d choose to stop being the big bad around here!  I’ve been experimented on, like some bloody lab rat, and now I can’t hurt humans! Damn the American government! It’s because I’m British, isn’t it?” He ranted at no one in particular as his blood boiled slightly at the thought

            “Oh. I’m not entirely sure what to say to that,” she said as they reached Spike’s crypt. She quickly followed him inside and watched as he pulled a first aid kit out of the coffin in the center of the room. Striding over to her, he held out his hand, gesturing for her to give him the dislocated arm. It was best to get it over with as quickly as possible. She trustingly gave him her hand and with a quick jerk on his part and a scream from her the arm was popped back in place.

            “Bloody hell!” he yelled out as the chip in his brain sent shots of electrical current through his head. Obviously the chip didn’t give a damn if the pain was for a good reason. When Spike had recovered his composer he looked over at the girl  who was huddled on the floor, gritting her teeth as tears streamed down her cheeks. Spike knew what it felt like to have an arm popped back into place and couldn’t really blame her for the tears. He just wished she’d cry somewhere else.

            “Luv?” He knelt down beside her attempting to pull her attention back to the real world “ You ok?” A stupid question, but Spike was out of practice with pretending to care.  She looked back up at him; her wide green eyes filled with tears and gave him a half-hearted smile.

            “I am so glad you killed that guy” she said “ Cause this hurts like a bitch” Spike gave her an approving look as he pulled out some gauze from the first aid kit.

            “Ok, we’ll wrap up….” Spike suddenly stood transfixed as blood trickled down from a cut on her forehead, and seeped from her right knuckles. Blood, fresh flowing blood. He stared at her, watching with fascination as the blood clotted and began to stem its flow.

            “Don’t fucking move!” he leaned forward and trailed his tongue along the path of blood. It had been so long since he had tasted human blood, and it was pure heaven. Without even thinking he grabbed her wrist and began to lap at the blood trailing down her hand, careful to avoid any of the cuts directly. He didn’t want the chip ruining this for him. The blood was fresh and she was so soft.

            “Ummmmm…. Could you stop licking me?” The girl nervously twitched her arm a little as Spike licked the last drop of blood from her fingertips “You don’t have any sort of diseases or anything do you?” Spike chuckled softly as he took her hand away from his mouth and proceeded to bind the wounds.

            “No, I’m pretty much clean. “ he said, the taste of her practically searing his mouth.

            “Is this how you feed? Find victims and lick the blood from already made wounds? Cause that’s gross as hell,” she asked, a look of revulsion on her face.

            “That wouldn’t be enough to feed me, pet. I use pig’s blood, when I can get it. From the butcher in town, even if it is fucking disgusting,” The girl nodded as he finished binding her hand and turned his attention to the cut on her face. She stared at him awkwardly as he completed his task.

            “What’s your name?” she asked, her voice tiny as she surveyed him wearily. ‘Well,’ he thought to himself ‘what could it hurt to tell her? At the rate she’s going she’ll be dead soon anyways’

            “Spike” her eyebrows raised incredulously “Well, what’s your name if your gonna be so damn snotty about it?”

            “Emma” Ok, she won. Emma wasn’t that bad of a name.

            “ Well Emma, I’m done here. I suggest you run home or something else is going to try to kill you, and I’ve done all my savin’ for the night” He stood up and brushed the dust from his jeans. She slowly followed him, her movements jerky from pain.

            “Do you live here?”

            “What?” Why couldn’t this human just go away?

            “Do you live here, in this crypt?” Emma started towards the door as she repeated her question

            “Yeah, I do. Now leave” Spike said. He sat himself down in the tan easy chair, hoping that ignoring her would get her to go away. Luckily she took the hint, and quietly walked out the door. With an unneeded sigh Spike turned to face the door she had just closed and stuck a cigarette into his mouth.

 “Somethin’ is definitely gonna kill her” 

AN: Ok, there's chapter 3. If you're reading please leave a comment. It would make my day!

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